How to choose my LinkedIn profile picture

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LinkedIn Profile

The image of one is the window to the outside. You can have incalculable experience and knowledge but, unfortunately, image is the first thing a company looks at. Then the rest will come. Therefore, to have the opportunity that your future company is interested in you, in addition to working on a good CV, you must work on your image. Choosing a good photo will favor the interest of your future employers in your professional LinkedIn profile.

A simple tip

Your LinkedIn profile picture must offer to the outside a professional, human aspect that inspires confidence and, above all, that captures the attention of your future company. Capturing attention on LinkedIn is a very different concept from “capturing attention” on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In a professional network, you must capture attention through your professional appearance. Choosing light colors for your clothes, modest makeup or hairstyles increase the degree of confidence. It is also important to choose the background where you are going to take your photo. It may help to choose a background related to your sector. For example, in an office environment in case of being an administrative. It is not difficult to get a good photo. However, if you don’t have a budget, you can always invite someone you know with photography skills. Surely they can take a couple of photos where you see yourself flattering and in connection with the professional sector of your LinkedIn profile.

Details to be considered

In a publication of Social Selling Masters, a LinkedIn former employee publishes 8 mistakes that you should avoid when choosing your photo for this professional network. Some of these tips are logical to some, but it is always good to remember them.

If you think your photo is perfect for Meetic, then it is not the right photo for LinkedIn, since you should not forget that it is a portal to find a job, not an appointment.

Photos with friends, pets, selfies or at a leisure time will not benefit your hiring. These types of snapshots are perfect for your social networks shared with acquaintances but not for a professional network.

Avoid editing photos with effects, glitters, shadows or other decorative elements. Simplicity above all, unless you dedicate yourself to show business.

Not to forget

And most important above all, don’t forget to publish your LinkedIn profile with your photo. A good picture is worth a thousand words. It is a proven fact that a profile with a photo exponentially increases your chances of companies being interested in reading your profile. A good up-to-date image will provide you with an opportunity for others to learn about the professional skills and abilities that define you.

Your photo is your showcase abroad, then everything else will come.

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