Our team

After more than 10 years of experience working in a EU Consultancy, we got expertise in a wide variety of administrative activities, including staff recruitment, business advice, events organization, social media management, Newsletter design and marketing online for SMEs among others. In our daily working routine, we learned one of the most important skill valued in international labour market: to be a bilingual multitasking professional able to face any situation in a business context. For that reason, we decided to undertake a new project:  to set up our own firm.

Now we are remote office assistants working for small and medium size companies that need an extra help. Although we speak fluent English and Italian, as Spanish native speakers, we have focused our services on companies that need help with Spanish markets.

Do you think you lose too much time with office tasks instead of focusing on your own business?

We are your solution.

Rufino&Kraemer team