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What do you know about web design and SEO work? Many SME owners have a good business location or an extensive portfolio of customers. Therefore, they do not feel the need to open their business to the virtual world. This is a mistake since, nowadays, a 80% of business transactions are done through Internet. So it is essential to improve your web design to be adapted to your customers.

Most customers use Internet to buy a product or just to look for other customers’ experiences. So, before choosing a dentist, a lawyer or a restaurant for dinner, they surf into Google and look for information before pursuing a product or service. For this reason, your website is your online shop windows. Therefore, web design and SEO work for web positioning are two tasks that always go together.

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How much it will cost my website?

This is a question that, surely, you will ask yourself when considering to hire a web designer to create your site. We like to be clear. Thus, we propose several web packages, depending on the level of complexity of your web idea. That way you don’t get scared when paying the bill!