What does a virtual assistant do?



Owning a company always requires sacrifice. It is also known that no one is going to care after the business like you, but sometimes a timely help is a victory. Surely, you have ever wondered what it is and what are the tasks of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant, as some call them, is a professional at your service. They will always be there when you have an extra workload or when you need to promote your business. At the same time, they will not be a burden when you do not need them. You will simply hire a specific service and pay the bill – just as if you go to the physical therapist – only when you need it. The practice of hiring external services is also known as outsourcing.

Outsourcing administrative services, marketing and any type of activity, that contributes to the management and improvement of your business offers advantages when paying taxes. You can find out more information about what expenses are deductible for enterpreneurs and SMEs in the site of the Tax Agency of your country. In Spain, the said information is found in the following link of the AEAT.

Common VA (Virtual Assistant) tasks

Each virtual assistant offers to perform tasks according to their professional field and experience. One of the most demanded areas is that of administrative assistant and it covers outsourcing tasks as diverse as:


-Manage your agenda
-Make or manage databases (of contacts, potential customers, etc.)
-Manage hotel reservations, flights, appointments etc.
-File management (on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
-Data entry
-Text editing and translations
-Contract Review
-Generate reports or presentations
-Writing of letters, emails, internal and external communication, etc.
-Sending cards/gifts (for clients etc)
-Online personal shopping
-Write presentation slides
-Email management


Today you need to be aware of the tools that new technologies put at your fingertips, such as social networks and online marketing in general. These are essential for your company to reach a wide sector of potential clients. If you do not have time to take charge of it, a specialized virtual assistant can help you with the following tasks:

What type of online marketing tasks can an AV do?

-Configuring new pages, accounts, groups, etc.
-Promote publications through social networks
Manage the feeds, messages, mentions and comments of your social networks
-Share images / videos / articles
Design the banners, headers and backgrounds published on your networks.
-Getting followers from social networks and your website
Promoting your business through prize draw and contests
-Research and apply popular #hashtags to promote your business
-Create and execute advertising campaigns (for example, Twitter, Facebook or –Pinterest or Instagram ads, among others)
-Content writting and management of your blog posts
-Improve and update business profiles online (eg via LinkedIn)

-Configuration of automatic responses
-Programming of email campaigns
-Email template design
-Management of newsletters
-Segmentation of email lists
Management of product launches
-Tracking email campaigns (clicks, conversions, unsubscribe)

Your website is the most important tool and is directly related to the presence of your business on the Internet. Your website is an open door to customers who do not yet know you but who, through it, will have the opportunity to see what you offer them. A virtual assistant can help you improve the image of your website, create content that optimizes your positioning, or it can create a new website that meets the expectations of your future clients.

Surely there are many other tasks that a virtual assistant can do for you, but we do not want to bore you with an endless list of concepts related to outsourcing. We hope this post has been useful to you and we hope that if you ever need it, you can count on us.
Greetings from our team