How to create a website

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We all know the importance of having a showcase of our company on the internet. In addition to increasing their visibility to a broader sector of the population, they also allow customers to interact through forms, questionnaires and blogs. Through these, they can formulate questions or doubts about this or that product. In turn, stores can see increased sales of their products online through applications such as Woocommerce. And others, such as clinics, restaurants, etc., allow their clients to request appointments or reservations with just one click.

You need an appealing website!

In short, today it is essential to have an attractive web design that encourages users to enter and find out about the product or service you offer. If you are considering creating your company’s website on your own, we recommend WordPress web design, which offers a wide range of themes adapted to each type of business. Creating a website is not easy, but if you are a creative and also a constant person, you can achieve it.


What are the essential steps to build a website
  1. Purchase of the domain and hosting. We advise you to search if your company name is available with a if it is only for Spain, or a, .org, or .net if you want to position your company internationally. Today there is a wide range of domains, so take your time and choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Before starting to write the content of your website (content writing), it is vitally important that you do a study of the keywords necessary to be able to position a website.
  3. Design your site thinking on your customers


  1. One of the most important tasks is to choose the right WordPress web design. We always recommend working with WordPress because it provides an infinite number of themes adapted according to the type of business or sector. There are also themes for personal blogs, portfolios for photographers and artists etc.
  2. Once you have passed the phase on how to choose the WordPress theme that best suits your business, you must configure it. Each theme comes with setup instructions. There are also tutorials on the internet that help you configure in case you have doubts. Some templates are easier than others. So, if you are a beginner, we recommend choosing a basic or easy-to-configure template. Find out before choosing it.
  3. Once you have the general settings ready in the tools section, you go to the appearance section. In this section you can configure the structure of your website, section by section (from colors, images, texts, typography, etc.)
  4. Create a menu (the sections that will appear at the top) and the way you are going to structure the contents.
  5. It is important that you have a gallery of your own images or free images, copyright free. You must take into account the size; remember that the larger, the slower your website will go.
  6. As you add the images, do not forget to include tags in each image with the keywords.
  7. In the menu there is a section for social networks. Do not forget to connect your website with your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or any social network that you are using to promote your online business.


Once you have the website designed and ready, another equally necessary job begins. It is not only about knowing how to design a nicel website but you also need to have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge to work on the positioning of your website.

Do not forget the basics that you should configure in relation to your web page:

At Rufino&Kraemer we can help you design and configure your WordPress web design so that, in addition to being visually attractive, it will be positioned so that your future clients find your company easily. We have a package for every need. You can know how much your website would cost in one click.